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Undersea Homes

Undersea Homes

Regular Price: $22.49

Special Price $7.50

Two films that reveal the captivating secrets of the lives of fish, and where and how they live in the ocean. Fish that ubuild their own homes, creatures that live on others, that adapt human rubbish to provide safe undersea houses... from the tiniest macro creatures to ocean roaming giants.

Featuring exceptional behanvioural footage of sea creatures building and defending their homes, caring for the next genreation in undersea nurseries, mating, and even an underwater eviction! Filmed in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Eastern Pacific, Southern Indian Ocean, North Atlantic, Read Sea and Bahamas; these films span the whole spectrum of the planet's oceans to showcase creatures and behaviour never previously filmed.

Please note this DVD is region 2 but is suitable for all computer DVD players.

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