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Manta Trust Manta Trust

Manta Trust

The Manta Trust was formed in 2011 to co-ordinate global research and conservation efforts for Mantas, their close relatives and their habitat. Through a top down approach to conservation the manta ray has become a catalyst for change, engaging and motivating the general public, governments and local communities alike.

A UK Registered Charity, the Trust brings together a number of projects from around the globe, both new and long-standing, including the Republic of Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Indonesia. By conducting long-term, robust studies into manta populations in these locations we aim to build the solid foundations upon which Governments, NGO’s and conservationists can make informed and effective decisions to ensure the long term survival of these animals and their habitat.

The Trust's researchers and volunteers work closely with tourists, local communities, businesses and governments to ensure the preservation of these amazing animals through good science, education, community based initiatives and government legislation. As the scope of the Trust’s work continues to grow our goal is to expand these efforts globally.

Fourth Element and the Manta Trust

We donate 10% of the sales of every Manta Trust t-shirt we sell to the Trust to contribute to their work and support some of their dive team with thermal protection out in the field. Show your support and help to protect one of the ocean’s most iconic animals.

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