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Underwater Photography

As it says on the tin; photography, but underwater! This can be both enjoyable and challenging activity in one go. Make sure you are confident in the water and with your diving as the addition of a camera and all that goes with it, will greatly add to your task loading. Photography can be as simple as taking an action camera or even a phone in housing, underwater with you, or you can go for a micro 4/3rds to a full DSLR in an expensive housing with lights and strobes. 

Dean Martin, underwater photography
With insight From Dean Martin

fourth element’s hardware manager

Dean Martin, underwater photography
With insight From Dean Martin

fourth element’s hardware manager

The art of a good photographer is foremost story telling. Be it documenting a dive or a filming a unique experience within the marine environment. Becoming an underwater photographer or videographer, gives you the chance to open the underwater world up to the eyes of those who may never otherwise get it experience it. It helps to highlight and educate important issues by visually bringing stories to the surface.

As mentioned earlier, if you have good buoyancy and are confident in the water and you keep it simple, it can be a very enjoyable experience to dive in and have a go; you should come out with some amazing images to treasure. A great option is to go on a dedicated trip with a professional, these trips vary from local dive sites to a liveaboard in the Red Sea or further afield. Taking part on one of these trips will give you not only expert help at hand but you will be diving with like-minded individuals who share your passion. You’ll also get some great critique to help you on the way to becoming a more proficient photographer. 

A new thing you will experience when entering into photography, is the amount of extra gear you will have to take on a trip and that having good organisational skills is a must. Having extra places to store kit is a huge help. On the boat don’t forget dry bags and boxes and whilst you dive, pockets in your BCD or tech shorts will be beneficial. 

Photography Diving

Photographer Picks

Some of our most popular pieces for photographers

Technical Shorts

Our Technical shorts have pockets the same size as our drysuits, perfect for stowing extra pieces of kit whilst wearing a wetsuit.


You may want to keep a laptop with you whilst traveling to view and edit photos. Make sure you’ve got a completely waterproof bag like the Dry-Pac for this.


To keep your dry items separate from wet items on the boat or dive site.


Great for drying off your kit before you carefully put it away.

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